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The Global Organisation For Gramodyog & Research & Development, Ghaziabad has emerged as one the largest people based NGOs in the india level . the approach has been introduction of multifarious schemes of the organization to serve the rural and urban sector of the population, youth, women and children, farmers, agriculture development, organic farming , bio technologies, animal husbandry , SHGs, Skill india program.



:-  Overall up-liftment of rural youth, women and children. The word GRAMODYOG consists of two words in Hindi……Gram  meaning Gaon (गाँव) which means Village and Udyog meaning Endeavour/Venture/Enterprise or Initiative GRAMODYOG means an initiative or a means to create employment opportunities for rural up-liftment and/or development. Under the rural employment initiative the group will cover such as farmers, unemployed youth & village ladies. We GOGRD would like to educate them on the areas of operation that we will undertake. By our organizational programs they will surely be benefited to improve their self confidence to face the habitual challenges and social problems of everyday life.


 Effort for the holistic development of the rural poor Educate and organize the poor, give them skill and technology, management and entrepreneurial training for their development. Undertake development initiatives with the support of people’s organization on the basis of people’s plan.Promote infrastructure and structural development plan. Undertake integrated human resource development.Bring change in individual social attitude, encourage cultural transformation. Development relationship.