Global Organisation

Animal Husbandry & Milk Production :-
India is still an agricultural based country and a large number of farmers in India depend on animal husbandry for their livelihood. Animal husbandry thus plays an important role in the rural economy.
Considering the importance of the impact of the animal husbandry on rural life, GOGRD has developed lots of improvement programmes for the genetic improvement of the country’s cattle and buffaloes. This initiative helped to increase the diary production which in turn has increased the employability opportunity as well as the capital investment for the better economy.

Organization of Honey Bee Keeping :-
A special programme of honey bee keeping has been started as a means of employment generation for women and youth in cluster of villages. Each person engaged in the bee keeping is able to earn around Rs. 8000 per month on a regular basics. However, it is only one or two hour employment per day giving regular income.

Horticulture training and guided visit :-
Certain camps were organized to give training to a large section of people about Horticulture and even guided visit was sponsored by NYKS
They have been given a plan of action to implement with their own resources. There prevails a good opportunity about the commercial cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants.

Commercial Cultivation of Medicinal Plants :-

There prevails a good opportunity about the commercial cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants. Compared to normal cereal and pulses cultivation, the farming of musli-safed and stevia plants almost profitable. For the last 3 years efforts have been made to experience cultivation of these two types of medicinal plant. We have succeeded like anything in the production, processing and marketing. We have now taken a plan of education, extension and motivation of farming committee to take up the technology of commercial cultivation of medicinal plants at a size able scale involving about 300 farmers from Bulandshahar and neighbouring district.

Organization of youth development :-
Over many years, GOGRD continued youth identification, motivation and training programme of the youth and adolescent. A lot of youth had been trained during the year for their integrated development which includes building of knowledge base, leadership development, formation and its management such as SHG’s, Youth Committee, Youth Club etc. They have been given many kinds of skill training for active participation.

Organization of Vermiculture Research( Organic Farming) :-

Vermiculture means artificial rearing or cultivation of worms (Earthworms) and the technology is the scientific process of using them for the betterment of human beings. Vermicompost is the excreta of earthworm, which is rich in humus.
Our organization  developed a commercial process of vermiculture and has organized various sorts of research programmes on Vermiculture.

Awareness Training Programme organized :-

GOGRD has organized a lot of awarness training programme for youths, adolescents and women of far-thing rural areas. The major types of activities which have been undertaken are :-
1. Health and Family Welfare :- Health awareness camp on public and cooperation regarding control and prevention of T.B., malaria and several seasonal diseases.
2. Protection of Consumer Rights :- Lots of consumer awareness camps for youth at different places during the year.
3. Women Empowerment :- GOGRD organizes seminars and camps of young women for their empowerment. They are made aware about ways and means how to raise their states and maintain gender equality.

Organization of Cultural Programmes :-

Under the cultural programmes we organize cultural evenings, songs and music competitions, festival celebrations. These are organized at the level of village, area, block and the district. We have good team of males, females and youth to participate in these programmes. Enthusiastically, we also organize ritual related programmes.

Organization of Sports for Youths :-

Under the activities of promotion of youth affairs, we have organized a large number of youths from many villages in different areas of the district. We arrange many games and sports in different months throughout the year. We have encouraged and inspired many youths to take part in tournaments, cultural programmes, cricket and hockey competitions. We also organize annual programmes of youth sports and essay writing competition.