Global Organisation For Gramodyog & Research & Development


Objectives :-

The GOGRD has stated objectives :-

Organize educational and vocational training programme with special concern for deprived sections, women/girls and un-employed youth to provide new skills, refine/sharpen/up-grade the existing skills leading to employment, self employment and income generation.
Education and Awareness about AIDS, Cancer, Hepatitis, TB and other diseases and pursue research in the area of medicine and general health.
Promote organization of forums such societies, mandals and association of Women, youth and workers with a view to undertake collective activities for socio-economic Development.
To Promote/Solve Cause of Health Care, Food Problem, Housing/Shelter Problems & Humanitarian Relief/Refugees I Indigenous People Problems.
Effort for the holistic development of the rural poor.
Educate and organize the poor, give them skill and technology, management and entrepreneurial training for their development.
Undertake development initiatives with the support of people's organization on the basis of people's plan.
Promote infrastructure and structural development plan.
Undertake integrated human resource development.

GOGRD makes sincere efforts to :

Educate, motivate and train men and women for realization of their potentials for their own development.
Physical, Mental and Social well being of the women and children.
The society may provide consultation services to other organisation (Govt. or Non Govt.) in the areas of health and environment with or without charges, provied legal & financial suport for NGO.
Research and development of non-timber forest products.
Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention through education, awareness and rehabilitation.
Undertake long term integrated development activities.
Initiate a participator process of development by the people through their organization through self reliance.
Establish cooperation, collaborate and linkages with government officials and non official organizations.
Encourage active people's participation in all kind of programmes and projects.
To follow, adopt & promote Universal declaration of Human Rights of United Nations and Indian Constitution & National-International Law.
To organize Conferences, Summits, Seminars, Meetings, Discussions, Debates, Study Courses, Collection of Statistics, Exhibitions, Shows, Tour Trips etc.

Our Mission :

GOGRD mission consists of :

Develop a cooperative action.
Support individual, group and communities to initiate development.
Facilitate development of full human potential for their socio-economic development.
Establishing linkage, cooperation, understanding, sharing and learning.
Change attitude of dependency into self efforts and initiatives.
To bring change in individual’s societal attitude, encourage cultural transformation.
Development of relationship, cooperation, collaboration, communication and linkage.
To raise means and measures to achieve these stated objectives.


Our Vision :

GOGRD visualizes development as :

Initiate a new development process by the people for their self reliant just equitable self supporting community.
Make people aware and sensitize about their challenge and prospects.
Endeavor to strengthen community organizations securing their development.
Organize the people to become watch dogs at the poverty programmes